Sanskrit, the mother of all languages and one of the official languages of India is also referred to as Dev Bhasha or Devavani. Considered to be a sacred language, it makes use of slokas to spiritually empower minds and helps to connect with inner consciousness. 
To nurture the young minds and inculcate traditional values in them, ‘Sanskrit Sloka chanting competition’ was organized for the students of Amrita Nursery and classes 1 to 4 in the month of June. 
The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The gathering including all the Teachers, Judges and students motivated the participants. The event began with students seeking our Pujya Ammaji’s blessings. Their performances were very impressive and worth appreciating. The children showcased their oratory skills by chanting slokas with great confidence. 
The Judges were pleased after seeing their performance, excitement and passion on stage. The event was appreciated by one and all.