Under the able guidance of our Pujya Sadguru Ammaji, AYUDH has been actively working towards empowering young minds for integrating traditional and spiritual values. As part of their service for perpetuating harmony and self empowerment, Ayudhians organized a programme for the inmates of Juvenile Home, Ahmedabad on 23/06/2019. It was initiated by seeking our beloved Ammaji’s blessings followed by prayers. 
The Meditation and Yoga sessions conducted by Bri. Umaji (Principal, Amrita Vidyalayam) and Ms. Gargi Jani respectively marveled the programme. The Ma-Om meditation, specially designed by our Pujya Ammaji was taught to the inmates under the expert guidance of Bri. Umaji. The ambience became very peaceful and a divine feeling spread across revitalizing one and all. 
The inmates were encouraged to participate in the yoga session which would prove to be beneficial for their mental and physical fitness. Various Yoga postures were demonstrated. Also, their importance and benefits were discussed. 
The second half of the programme witnessed educational and relaxation sessions. The Ayudhians showcased their efficacy in organic farming and imparted their knowledge to the inmates thereby generating awareness and sensitivity towards Mother Nature. 
A skit based on the theme ‘ Thank you God !! ’ was performed as an attempt to instill moral values, spirituality and gratitude. Importance of prayers and remembering God were appraised.
Participation in a set of intellectual games organized towards the end of the workshop paved way for exhibiting the importance of sportsmanship. The inmates rewarded the Ayudhians with their love and warmth. Their patience, co-operation and drive to learn something new were commendable.