Today’s world is a world of science and technology. All the works are done with a wink of an eye using technology. Technology is the greatest gift of science. The current generation is born with technology; they are the immediate beneficiaries of it. Since the world of technology is easily accessible to them at home, school and work place. 
Technology can be proved fatal if not used meticulously. Accidents and accidental deaths did occur in the past while using machines and devices. In most of the cases, the victims were small kids of age group 2 to 16. Out of curiosity, they end up in disastrous situations putting others and their own life in danger. But, if they know the rules of using machine, they can be careful. 
To bring this awareness among the very young generation of Amrita Vidyalayam, Ahmedabad OTIS Company, dealing with escalators and elevators visited the school on dt. 10/04/2019. The team of five members counseled and explained students of std VII, safety measures and safe operation of escalator/elevator ride. They interacted with students using digital support and questionnaire session. They guided the students with Do’s and Don’ts quite appropriately.