Amma arrived at our Amrita Vidyalayam with a radiant smile early in the morning of 29th March. Even after the long journey from Mumbai, she embraced all the teachers, staff and devotees who were present at the time. An evening programme was held at A.E.S Ground, where she was welcomed by Gujarat BJP President Sri V.R Rupani, Sri Gautam Shah (Mayor of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation), Sri Bhupendra Patel (Chairman of AUDA) and Sri K.C Patel (Gujarat Pradesh MahaMantri). Villagers from NaniBorvai gave basketfuls of grains and vegetables as an offering to Amma. Girls from various villages gifted AMMA tokens of their love – craft work. Tree saplings were also distributed to the women from the villages. The village girls presented garba during Amma’s visit. For the first time in the history of Amrita Vidyalayam, Amma launched the first magazine of our school – AMRITADEEPAM. Later on, Amma gave an eye-opening satsang and sang soulful bhajans. Teachers and devotees performed Aarti to Amma and received HER blessings. Annaprashan ceremony was also done by Amma. Later, a spectacular, mesmerizing cultural performance was presented by the students of our Amrita Vidyalayam. The next day, before leaving for Jaipur, Amma invited all the devotees to Amrita Vidyalayam for Mahaprasad. She spent the evening on the school lawn – Amrita Wadi, where she gave satsang, followed by meditation and distribution of Mahaprasad. She sang soulful Gujarati bhajans and devotees performed garba. Amma herself danced and bid adieu to all by waving her hands amid cries of ‘Mata Rani ki Jai’.